Business Development

Hotel Investment Management

Rim Hospitality operates hotels for third-party investors and lenders, with an expert hotel development team that researches and recommends prospective hotel investment targets and development sites. Our hotel management and development team offers pre-transition analysis and planning, franchisor relations and new development services, for a complete third-party hotel management package.

Hotel Acquisition Investments.Rim Hospitality provides a range of acquisition and disposition expertise for our investors. Our financial resources allow us to focus on growth strategies through hotel investment and joint venture partnerships. Our hotel management strategy effectively re-positions hotel assets to maximize investor-partner returns. We have access to equity that allows us to acquire well-located, under-managed and under-capitalized assets. For information about our investment services, contact Mark LeBlanc at or 209.602.4432, or Kim Davis at or 209.523.8331.

Our current yield investments include acquiring properties that:

  • Generate modest cash flow
  • Require minor capital improvements
  • Are revenue opportunities from enhanced marketing and/or rebranding
  • Are efficiency opportunities from focused management
  • Are assets situated in growth markets
  • Our turn-around investments focus on properties that:
  • Show operating performance significantly below comp set
  • Require significant capital improvements
  • Require rebranding or repositioning
  • Have high barriers to entry markets
    For more information about our services, please contact us and one of our representatives will contact you.